Jaromir Jagr Wanted To Test His Body And Strength Against Hurricane Matthew

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Nice Move


With Florida governor Rick Scott ordering a state of emergency and the evacuation of millions of residents, a 44-year-old Jaromir Jagr was looking forward to the challenge of taking Hurricane Matthew head on.

From Fox Sports:

“I’m okay. People have to survive two weeks without water, (so) I can try for two days,” he told the Miami Herald on Thursday. “I have to test my body. I want to see how strong I am.”

As big a hockey guy move as it gets. Zero chance Jagr was going to run or make a last minute Publix run to stock up on water, milk, bread, eggs, and generators to hunker down and wait out this natural disaster. I guarantee he just grabbed a handle of vodka, tied himself to the highest dock pole in a Miami port, and laughed in the category 4 storm’s face throughout.

This is probably Jagr right now chasing down the hurricane because he felt cheated of a real, near-death test.


Godspeed, Jagr.

[via Fox Sports]

Image via Youtube


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