Jeb Bush Was Amusingly Self-Deprecating In His Emmy Cameo Appearance

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Nice Move


This is what Jeb’s life has been reduced to. While H.W. and W. are cracking beers at the ranch shooting the shit about being commander-in-chief, little brother is clowning on himself in 50 second spots at the Emmys. Remember when he was a legitimate candidate for the Republican nominee? Neither does he.

You can actual see Jeb dying inside with every self-deprecating punchline he throws at himself. Poor guy. He’s actually got decent delivery. And I’m sure he has some wild stories from back in the ’80s. Maybe he can spin this into a standup tour. I don’t know. Just spitballing here. I’m just glad he’s getting out of the house. Barbara had to be worried there for a bit.

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