Jihadists Are Now Using Your Luxury European Cruises To Reach The ISIS Frontlines

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Nice Move

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Keep your head on a swivel, guys. Your winter European cruises just became a little more precarious.

Jihadists interested in joining the bloody battles playing out across the Middle East are reportedly taking luxury cruises to the battlefield in an attempt to evade the ever-growing security measures imposed by the international community. As it becomes more and more difficult for future Peshmerga cannon fodder to reach the frontlines, otherwise quiet destinations such as Izmit, Turkey, are becoming launching pads for extremists with a death wish.

From NY Post:

Pierre St. Hilaire, director of counterterrorism at Interpol, suggested that the Turkish crackdown has shown results in recent months, and so some would-be jihadis are making alternative travel plans.

“Because they know the airports are monitored more closely now, there’s a use of cruise ships to travel to those areas,” he told the AP on Thursday. “There is evidence that the individuals, especially in Europe, are traveling mostly to Izmit and other places to engage in this type of activity,” he said, referring to a Turkish coastal town.

The phenomenon is relatively new, within the past three months or so, said other Interpol officials.

It’s an interesting way to reach a war, but it definitely makes a shit ton of sense. Cruises are distracting enough with beautiful scenery, intoxicatingly hot women, and $15 beers. However, with the right mindset, you can do your part to improve our national security.

You know what to do, boys: tighten your Croakies and double-knot your boat shoes. You’re about to be on the front-lines of a worldwide war on terror.

[via NY Post]

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