Jim Beam’s New Apple Watch Will Undoubtedly Change Tailgating Forever

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Nice Move

Today, Apple is taking the internet by storm with their new phones and watches. Jim Beam has something to say about that. Instead of letting Apple dominate the spotlight, Jim launched their own new product that’ll be a hit.

Ladies and gentlemen, your tailgates are about to improve drastically thanks to this brand new device. Jim Beam just dropped its take on the Apple Watch, and it’s glorious. Jim Beam’s Apple Watch is green (because some apples are green), doesn’t even attempt to tell you the time, and comes packed with a 1.5 ounce shot glass.

Drinking on the go has never been easier. My liver hurts just thinking about it, but dammit if I’m not gonna drop $18 and order this bitch. I’ll see you boys on the other side.


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