Jim Harbaugh Flexes On Rap Video Haters — “The Cool People Liked It”

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Nice Move

Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh caught a lot of flack for being featured in rapper Bailey’s music video last week. ICYMI:

A lot of people called it repetitive. Unbearable. Cringey. The ultimate tryhard move. But those people just don’t get it. That screaming hook may have changed the game forever, and if you didn’t pick up what Harbaugh was throwing down, then you’re just a fucking square. Sorry bout it.

Here’s what he had to say to the haters, from MLive:

“I think the cool people liked it.”

Time for some #realtalk. Was the song and video hilariously awful? Yes. Do I respect Harbaugh for doing it anyway? Hell yeah I do. Here’s why.

Harbaugh is a big name. And this rapper, Bailey, is a no-name rapper with 3K YouTube followers who asked Harbaugh if he would be in his shitty video. Harbaugh agreed because he’s a good dude who was more than willing to help out a fan. The way I see it, this was charity work. And Harbaugh is a real-life “Yes Man.”

“My default is usually yes,” Harbaugh said.

Keep doing you, Jim.

[via mlive]


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