Jim Harbaugh Stars In God-Awful Rap Video

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Nice Move

Officially usurping the Kardashian family as America’s greatest attention whore, Michigan Head Coach Jim “perpetual runner-up” Harbaugh is at it again. This time, in what has got to be his most bizarrely pathetic move, aligning himself with a Bay Area rapper formerly named “Hittman.” I guess spelling is not the “Michigan difference.”

Harbaugh is seen driving a maize colored supercar, shouting his trademark “who’s got it better than us? nobody!” rallying call like an 11-year-old butchering Borat lines, through each progressively grating chorus.

Harbaugh, who is apparently hell-bent on humiliating himself for the sake of publicity, now has a threat to the throne of his own oddity previously held by his obsession with teenage sleepovers.

Who’s got it better than Michigan? Well, Coach, how about your friends in Columbus?


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