Jimmy Kimmel Takes Rams’ William Hayes To History Museum To Convince Him Dinosaurs Are Real

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Nice Move

Williams Hayes of the Los Angeles Rams doesn’t believe dinosaurs are real (but mermaids are), so Jimmy Kimmel took him to the Natural History Museum in LA to show him very real dinosaur skeletons to prove to him that dinosaurs are, in fact, very real.

I love Williams Hayes. I’m 99% sure he’s doing a bit with this whole dinosaurs/mermaids thing, but I don’t care. The guy’s a marketing genius. The HBO camera crew rolls up at the beginning of training camp to film Hardknocks and he saw an opportunity to set himself apart from the pack. He needed a shtick. Boom. Dinosaurs are a hoax, but half women-half fish are legit. I love it.

Now he’s appearing on Kimmel and America finds him endearing as fuck. What a personality. Well played.

Of course there’s that 1% chance he sincerely doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. In that case, I like him even more.


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