John Daly Doesn’t Believe In Working Out, Says “I Don’t Workout, I Put Out”

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John Daly Doesn't Believe In Working Out, Says %22I Don't Workout, I Put Out%22

John Daly is currently tearing up The Open Championship wearing a killer outfit. As I type this, he is sitting at -4 with a little par putt left to go on 11 (update: he missed and is back to -3). This week, he already provided us with this great Vine of him shamelessly ripping a heater right after being interviewed:

Earlier this morning, before his round, BBC TV asked him about his thoughts on all the big time Tour players and their workout habits. His response was gold:

“All these kids work out. I don’t workout. I put out.”

I love it. Just classic John Daly. Sure, he hasn’t won a major since 1995 and only has three top-10 finishes since 2005. He doesn’t care about the health of his body, he still puts out. We’re talking about a guy who crushes beers and smokes during his round. That’s who he is.

Plus, do we really want John Daly working out? That completely changes who he is. Look at Dufner. Ever since he started being body-conscious, he’s lost his edge, his wife, and me as a fan. Not saying the two go hand-in-hand, but it’s a pretty big coincidence.

Keep it up, John. The golf world needs you.

[via USA Today]

Image via Vine


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