John Daly Hurls Club Into Lake Michigan After Drowning 3 Balls In One Hole At PGA Championship

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Nice Move

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It’s Friday afternoon, and just like all of you, we’ve already mailed it in for the weekend and are watching the PGA Championship in the conference room. I’m all in on Dustin Johnson, so much so that I straight up gave fellow writer Steve Holt the field in maybe the most idiotic bet I’ve ever made. I don’t care; he’s fucking due.

Outside of me dying a little bit inside each time DJ hits a bad shot, John Daly caught my attention for a brief moment — dunking three straight shots into Lake Michigan on the par-3 7th, before finally putting it on the dance floor. Daly then proceeded to launch his club into the water.

We’ve all been there, John. Hold your head high and rip a heater.

Image via Youtube


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