John Harbaugh Channels Inner Donald Trump With His Hot Take On Illegal Immigration

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Nice Move

John Harbaugh Channels Inner Donald Trump With His Hot Take On Illegal Immigration

There’s just something great about post-game interviews with head coaches. You never know what those motherfuckers are going to say when they’re all worked up. You’ve got your Gundy “I’m a man, I’m 40!” rant, your Jim Mora “Playoffs!” rant, and you’ve got Dennis Green wanting to “crown their asses.” All good. Shit like that makes for great entertainment.

We can now add Ravens head coach John Harbaugh to the list of storied post-game rants. In his most recent interview, he was asked about the officiating in the Ravens’ first pre-season game. John’s answer took a sharp turn towards politics and his stance on illegal immigration.

From The Baltimore Sun:

“I’m going Trump here,” Harbaugh told reporters after the Ravens’ practice Saturday. “Build the wall. If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. You’re not a country without a border, right?”

“At the same time, you’ve got 12-15 million hard-working people here. Give them a shot. Give them a chance to become a citizen so they’re paying taxes. All of us know that it’s not that complicated, but this side doesn’t want to solve it, neither does [the other] side. Neither one of them want to solve the problem. Solve the problem.”

Instead of taking my own potentially controversial stance, I’m going to turn this whole story into how awesome it is that he just changed the subject. Here you have a bunch of reporters ready to write down some hot takes on the officiating, and instead they’re bombarded with political thoughts. Did anyone specifically ask for them? No. Which is what makes this so great. The stock of the Harbaugh family is through the roof right now.

Giving people your political stance despite no one asking for it. TFM.

[via The Baltimore Sun]

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