Johnny “Kool-Aid” Quinn Also Trapped In Sochi Elevator

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Nice Move

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Johnny Quinn is stuck again, this time inside an elevator. You’re making it too easy, Russia.

The other day, I told you about Quinn, the US bobsledder who was trapped in the bathroom of his Sochi hotel room. Earlier today, Quinn became stranded inside an elevator with fellow bobsledders David Cripps and Nick Cunningham. The three are purportedly free now, but not without reporting their experience on social media.

Upon further research, it has been decided that Johnny Quinn is the fucking man. He was a stud football player in high school and college, and had a brief stint on the practice squad for both the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills before his career ended in an ACL injury. I guess after that, he said, “Fuck it, I’ll just become an Olympic bobsledder. Why not?”

Also, on his official Team USA profile, his hobbies include playing Halo and eating beef jerky. They should probably add breaking through doors to the list. I can only imagine the mayhem Quinn could have created with a bottle of Maker’s and a fraternity full of half-inch drywall.

Long story short, Sochi still sucks. We’ll keep you posted on the next time Johnny gets trapped somewhere.

Nathaniel Light is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move. Nate spends his free time drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and covering his food in chili and cheese. This has led to slight weight gain, but he has been told that he resembles a "J. Crew model ten pounds overweight." It was either the nicest insult or the meanest compliment he has ever received. His picture is a metaphor, but it actually happened.

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