Johnny Manziel Autographed a $100 Bill Before Browns Game, Making It Priceless

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Nice Move

A genius Browns fan (that seems like an impossible combination, to be honest) was able to get Heisman winner and high functioning alcoholic Johnny Manziel to sign a one hundred dollar bill before the Browns-49ers game today, and now that bill is priceless. 

This is pretty impressive. A Benjamin is on the short list of the best things you could get Johnny Manziel to sign, the others being:

  • The breasts of your wife, girlfriend, or if you’re an A&M grad, daughter
  • A Four Loko can
  • Panties
  • A strip club ATM receipt
  • A broken bottle shattered during a club fight in the VIP section
  • A negative paternity test
  • A football, I guess

[via Twitter]


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