Johnny Manziel Boarded Flight To Cabo In A Josh Gordon Browns Jersey, Was Apparently Reeking Of Weed

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Nice Move


Everybody’s favorite Ryan Leaf impersonator, Johnny Manziel, is trending again on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Manziel was spotted boarding a flight recently in a Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns jersey (or, and this is just wishful thinking, a Colt McCoy jersey) by some unsuspecting tourists. The flight’s destination? Cabo. Because of course Johnny Football is heading down to Cabo.

Long gone are the days of chartered flights for Manziel, who probably had to book this one using Southwest’s ‘Wanna Get Away’ fares.

It’s been anything but a graceful fall from the top for Manziel, whose dad recently called him a drug dealer and said he belonged in jail. It feels like we get a new negative Manziel story a week, and not because we are out searching for them. It’s like watching a compilation of all of our biggest mistakes play out on a week-to-week basis from a remorseless, likely teetering-on-broke douche.

Someone recently described Manziel’s epic collapse as the “Lindsay Lohan meltdown of professional sports,” but I don’t think Lohan’s was nearly as embarrassing or shameless as this one.

Don’t forget to tune in next week, when 15 dead hookers are found at a plushy Mexican resort and authorities attempt to sink a yacht chartered by Manziel on its course to Cuba.

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