Jon Lester Can’t Throw To First, But He Can Take Down Twitter Trolls

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Nice Move

Jon Lester Can't Throw To First, But He Can Take Down Twitter Trolls

This offseason, Jon Lester signed a $155M contract to play in Chicago with the Cubs. If the Cubs were smart, they would have made a portion of that a “throwing to first” incentive because, well, Lester isn’t good at it. Like, at all. He’s so bad at it that he owns it and just lets runners go on him. Up until Monday night, he hadn’t attempted a pickoff attempt since April 30th, 2013. I guess his new digs gave him some false confidence on Monday.

With a man on first in the bottom of the 2nd, Lester tossed one over to first. It produced this gem:

After a throw like that, the trolls of Twitter went to work on Lester’s psyche. Just as cool, calm, and collected as he was throwing his no-hitter, he responded to some of them.

While Sam brings up a valid point, Lester still comes out with the upper hand.

Classic Red Sox fan not knowing proper grammar. Jon has your back, though.

Stick to throwing to home and belittling trolls, Jon. You’ll live a much happier life.


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