Jonathan Vilma Somehow Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Suspended

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Nice Move

By now, everyone’s heard of the bounty program run by the Saints in which they targeted certain opposing players and those Saints defenders who could injure them were rewarded handsomely. The NFL found out about this after multiple personnel came forward (personell who have jobs and enormous salaries to lose) and disclosed information about the program.

As the NFL’s investigation grew deeper, over 20,000 documents were found proving the bounty program to be real. But, of course, the players are crying foul. For big, freakish, athletic juice heads, these guys sure are acting like little nancy girls. Forget the 20,000 documents, forget the testimony from former coaches, forget the involvement from convicted felons, forget the fact that the Saints are an outrageously shady franchise of a team, apparently these guys are innocent.

Take responsibility for your damn actions. Has your brain been knocked around so much that your reality is that warped? The NFL won’t overturn your head coach’s suspension, why would they ever overturn yours? I’m looking at you, Jonathan Vilma. What these guys don’t realize is they don’t need the NFL. The world of professional wrestling would give them twice the money to run around, dope up, and pummel people. And to be clear, Vilma is the only “participant” actively suing the NFL, and aggressively pursuing a repeal of his suspension. Seriously, the only thing more guilty than saying “no comment” is saying “YES I DID IT!!”

To the New Orleans Saints, especially Vilma, sack up and quit bitching about your privileged life. You’ll be out half a season, not the rest of your life, and either way, you deserve it.



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    The Saints are clearly just being made an example of by Goodell. He acts as judge, jury and executioner (not very American) and fucked over the Saints for doing shit that every team in the NFL does. It is a common practice among professional athletes to put up money for high performance (ex. $500 for the first interception, sack, touchdown). It is also a common practice for football coaches to say (see: scream) a lot of things to increase intensity in practice and meetings. If you played high school football you even see it and you know what I’m talking about, because even at that level they will tell you to go out and hit them hard enough to knock them out. But when you put those two things together, the NFL dubs it a “bounty program”. There were barely any calls against the Saints for malicious hits, and virtually none for obvious late hits and unsportsmanlike conduct. Yes there were a few injuries to other players, but ITS FUCKING FOOTBALL. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS. Thank you Goodell for propelling the continual pussification of America.

    Also this coming from Texas, how’s your choke artist Tony Romo doing?

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    Why do they deserve it? Last time I checked, they played FOOTBALL. Isn’t the object of football to hit the opposing players? Don’t defenders on every team get paid to hit opposing players in order to keep them from scoring points? That’s what I’ve always thought, anyway. I bet the assclown that wrote this piss poor excuse for an article would rather watch flag football while giving Roger Goodell an UTPHJ. Probably a soccer fan, too.

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      Hit them, yes, intentionally injure them, no. There is a big difference between a hard hit that results in an injury, and trying to hit someone in a way to try and hurt them. Why would you want the games best players career’s shortened because of injury. Vilma deserved what he got.

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      Charleston FratEN

      There’s a difference between getting a salary to play defense, and getting a bonus for sending a guy to the hospital. The former is part of the game: compensation for time. The latter is a disgrace to the game and could end a players career.

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      Will Fratchamp

      At a time when 2000 former NFL players have just sued the league for being negligent about concussions, I’m guessing the league would like to avoid another negligence lawsuit about players receiving bounties to injure other players. Just a guess. But maybe your soccer fan argument wins out here

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      The thing is, the Saints, with all their alleged bounty bonuses, hardly ever injured anyone. There were few cart-offs (the only one I can recall was Brett Favre, who later returned to the game), and injuries to opposing players were few and far between. So either the Saints defense was piss poor, even with bounties (a point I’m not contesting; they couldn’t stop Alex Smith for Christ’s sake), or the bounty program was not as prevalent as Goodell made it out to be.

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    Vilma is out for the whole season possibly longer.

    Also he filed a defamation suit against Roger Goodell, not the NFL as an organization.

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