Jonny Gomes Bought All His Teammates American Flag Blazers For The Red Sox Championship Visit To The White House

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Nice Move


Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes is a pretty big personality. Simply Google him and you’ll find pictures like these beauties.



jonny gomes helmet 04


So of course when Gomes has to visit the White House to be honored by President Obama for the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series championship, in which Gomes hit a key home run in a pivotal Game 4, the guy wants to go in style. Not only does Gomes want to go in style, but he wants his teammates to look damn good as well. So naturally Gomes bought American flag jackets for his Red Sox teammates before their visit to the capital.

That is a jacket I want to have. I can officially say that, even if they’re still sporting their dirty, pirate pube beards from last season, the 2013 Red Sox will officially be the sharpest looking team to ever visit the White House.

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