Josh Hamilton Reportedly Relapsed With “At Least Cocaine”

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Josh Hamilton is the ultimate tale of redemption. A former first overall pick hits rock bottom after struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, only to get his shit together, climb his way back to the top, and win MVP — you couldn’t write a better made for TV movie.

But since his prime years with the Texas Rangers, the ride has gotten progressively bumpier. Injuries have taken their toll, resulting in a drop off in production on the field, and off the field he’s relapsed several times with booze. Today, reports have been released that he’s messing around with “at least” the nose candy again.

Hamilton was set to meet with MLB officials this afternoon about “disciplinary action” and now it seems we have an idea as to why.

Damn shame, really. Hamilton has shown flashes of brilliance: most notably when he made the Home Run Derby watchable in 2008 by launching 28 bombs in the first round, and in 2012 when he became the 16th player in baseball’s history to go yard four times in a game. However, there will always be questions of what could have been if he never fucked with the hard stuff.

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