KA At Maryland Live-Tweeted Their Room Draft And It Was Hilarious

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Nice Move

Most fraternity Twitter accounts are boring. I would know — going to an online university, all we have are Twitter accounts for our fraternities. No houses, no apartment complexes, and in some cases, not even any brothers (we lost Homecoming to a fraternity that didn’t have any brothers last year – still not sure how).

Anyway, @KA_UMD knows what’s up. In what I hope becomes a phenomenon that sweeps the country (if properly executed), they decided to live-tweet their room draft yesterday. The result is amazing.

The fact that I don’t know any who of the people being talked about are makes it that much funnier.

“The room names may change and the brothers may fight, but at the end of the day we’re lucky to have a house we haven’t burned to the ground.” TFM.

[via Storify]



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