Kate Upton’s Boobs Absolutely POURING Out Of Her Top At The Beach

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Nice Move

The simple fact that there is no visible areola in any of these photos is the biggest miracle of the 21st century, because these Hindenburgs are absolutely spilling out of her bathing suit top. They want some fresh air, some sunlight, and they want it baaaaaad.

Let’s address a few points.

1. Justin Verlander enjoyed the hell out of not being an All-Star this season.
2. These things just will not stop growing.
3. Let’s be honest. Kate looks a little sloppy. I hate to say it because she’s a sweet girl, but we’re all thinking it, right? She’s got that body type that needs constant upkeep or it’ll go south in a hurry. There’s a big girl inside her just begging to come out.

I love you, Kate.

Images via Imgur


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