Kate Upton’s Uncensored Boobs Are Finally Here

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Nice Move

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Monday, June 24, 2013. It’s the day all you pervs have been waiting for. The most famous pair of American breasts, the ones belonging to Ms. Kate Upton, have finally come out for some fresh air and hit the web.

I ran a story last week about a video published by TMZ, one in which they described as showing a “SUPER TOPLESS” Kate Upton on horseback, but the video was a fraud, and it was censored.

A still image, however, has been leaked on Reddit.com. The bad news? It’s just a still image and the quality is just okay. The good news? Kate Upton really is super topless.

CLICK HERE for the Reddit.com post, then click her name at the top of the page to see the image.

Still waiting on the full video to leak.

As promised for every Kate Upton piece we publish, here’s your .gif:

[via Reddit]


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