Mets Broadcaster Accidentally Shatters Camera Lens Mid-Broadcast, Immediately Declares He’s Not Paying For it

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Nice Move

Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez is not paying for your POS camera, SNY. Not even after he did this to it.

Why not? First off, that piece of crap was already broken, as Keith was explaining when he accidentally broke it even more. Second, how can it not withstand the “fear-inducing” strike of a blue highlighter? No expensive camera should be weaker than my high school copy of The Bell Jar. Third, you have insurance, Curt. Use it. And, finally, fourth, and most importantly, it’s not coming out of Keith Hernandez’s paycheck because Keith Hernandez said it’s not going to come out of his motherfucking paycheck.

Deal with it.

[via MLB]

Image via MLB


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