VIDEO: Kennesaw State Football Player On First-Ever Airplane Flight Freaks Out, Passes Out In Seat

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Nice Move

A Kennesaw State football player recently flew in an airplane for the first time ever. His reaction to takeoff is hilarious, then concerning, then hilarious again. Check it out.

I’m jealous of this dude. If only I could just pass out in my seat on planes… You see, I’m cursed with being just tall enough to where airplane seats are extremely uncomfortable (instead of just very uncomfortable) and just fat enough to where they’re uncomfortable to everyone around me. I can’t use the tray table as a pillow because my head hits the seat in front of me, and I can’t lean back in my seat because then my gut pops out the bottom of my shirt and frightens toddlers. This oft leads to me staying awake the entirety of the flight, where I’m forced to feign interest in a delicious 4 oz. glass of ginger ale and 8 lightly salted peanut halves to the sleep-deprived and ornery flight attendant before she drops the guy sitting next to me’s hot coffee in my lap (true story). Ah, to be an airplane virgin again…

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