Kennesaw State Football Tweets Cringeworthy Fake Text Conversation

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Nice Move


Promoting a brand on social media is truly an art. Some marketing teams get it. However, many find themselves wondering exactly how their disastrous attempt at portraying modern communication ended up being blasted by a 22-year-old writing articles between trips to the shitter to regurgitate the previous night’s blackout.

Here’s the tweet posted by Kennesaw State official football Twitter account promoting wide receiver Justin Sumpter.

Let’s take a better look at the text itself.


Cringey. One word. That’s all it takes to describe this iMessage shitshow. Ignoring the fact that not one damn sane person texts in such an obnoxious fashion, anyone able to rattle off such specific facts about a college athlete needs to get his dick sucked for once.

A realistic version of the above conversation likely would’ve gone something like this:

Fan 1: Shit looks like Sumpter killed it last night

Fan 2: Yeah I saw that in the paper since nobody has ever heard of fucking Kennesaw State

Fan 2: How’d I get home last night?

Fan 1: Fuck if I know

Fan 2: God bless alcoholism

It’s simple. No emojis. No bullshit. Take notes, KSU.

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