Kenny G Still Has Sax Appeal At 60

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Nice Move

Kenny G is the master of the saxophone and one of the best-selling musicians of all time. At 60, the multi Grammy award winner is proving he still has much more to offer than just a powerful set of pipes.

This picture doesn’t say a thousand words; it says one: sex.

The luscious locks flowing in the wind, sweatshirt tied around the waist like a man who has spent his fair share of time on a sailboat, the self-confidence to cross his arms while riding a bike, and that “I’m Kenny fucking G” stare directly into the camera is what makes the women swoon. Save some ass for the rest of us, Kenny.

My guess is that when Kenny G takes a woman home he puts on his own music to set the mood. Probably “The Moment.”

Bow down to the master of the sax.

P.S. Kenny G has a +0.6 handicap and once won the Pebble Beach Pro Am with Phil Mickelson. Is there anything this man can’t do?


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