Kevin McHale’s Wife Goes On Great Twitter Rant After Rockets Fire Him

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Nice Move

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In probably the most shocking move ever, the Houston Rockets canned Kevin McHale after a rather disappointing start to the season. While Luke Walton has led the Warriors to a perfect 13-0 start, McHale couldn’t lead the star-studded Rockets to a winning record. Everyone in Houston was shaken at the news — no one more than Kevin’s wife, Lynn McHale.

Like any upset person these days, she took to Twitter to express her displeasure, and drops some great lines. She has since deleted her account, but some guy was able to snap a screenshot of her tweets beforehand.

Love that she blames the Kardashians. I’ve been saying for years now that they are the worst family in the history of the United States. Literally, what have they contributed to society? A sex tape and some shitty “reality” TV? If I’m a coach, I’m forbidding any one of my players from getting involved with a Kardashian.

Although, we all know the real reason McHale was fired…

Don’t fuck with Lil’ B.

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