Florida Kid Moons Cop, Slaps Right Buttock, Tells Him To “Kiss My Ass”

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Nice Move

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A gentleman by the name of PimpinAintEz slid into our photo submissions with a fire arrest report detailing how two people, I assume it was him and his buddy, got thrown in the slammer.

One of them dropped trough and proudly displayed his butt cleavage for a passing officer, rousing attention by smacking his right cheek and firmly demanding that the patrolman kiss his ass.

While the officer and his partner attempted to wrestle the hooligan to the ground, his buddy came to the rescue. He made a beeline for the struggle in an “aggressive manner,” telling the cops to “stay back” before pushing one of them. After several moments of resistance, the two were on their way to the can. That’s what you call true friendship, folks.


The report notes that the incident occurred on 1st Street North in Duval County, Florida, which, according to Google, is somewhere in Jacksonville. This means the kids are likely students at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, or Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Now, cops and their fragile egos won’t hesitate to slam you to the ground and lock you up for telling them to “kiss my ass,” but technically it’s legal freedom of speech. Exposing your naked apple bottom, on the other hand, is indecent exposure.

The caption beneath the submitted photo read, “Showing the full moon on a cloudy night. TFM.”

Image via YouTube


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