Kim Kardashian Took A Moment To Go Tits Out For Harambe

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Nice Move


Whether you love them or… who am I kidding? Even though you hate the Kardashians with a fiery passion, they won’t seem to go away. Even when they aren’t doing anything, they are in the headlines. And when they aren’t in the headlines for some reason, they start showing off body parts. Now we have Kim Kardashian baring her tits while at the pool.

If you feel so inclined to go check out the uncensored version, you horny little boy, you can go look for Twitter user @n9viv here and see for yourself.

My initial thoughts were about the same as whenever I see any other pair of titties:

1) Nice

2) The nips aren’t huge, therefore I enjoy them

But then I remembered who I was looking at. It’s Kim Kardashian. From the waist up to the neck, this is a phenomenal image. When you add in those gigantic hips and her head, it just doesn’t do anything for me. Seriously, those hips could be Donald Trump’s wall. I’m all for a girl with a nice behind, but she just takes it too far.

Image via Instagram/@kimkardashian


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