KU Boobs Twitter Account Shows Many Boobs, Gains Popularity

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Nice Move

From the @KUboobs bio:

We support our #kubball team by tweeting ourselves in our favorite KU shirts and apparel. We do not promote nudity. #kuboobs

I think I speak for everyone, Kansas fans included, in saying we don’t care who or what you support, or why you support it, just keep on supporting — unless of course we’re talking about those perfectly healthy University of Kansas Christmas hams. Bra support can be optional.

Furthermore, I respect the nudity intolerance. Truthfully. A full, in-view breast/areola takes all the mystery away, and many times some well-presented cleavage trumps the real McCoy. Mystique and intrigue are great attributes to keep in that hip pocket. That’s all I’m saying. Many of my brethren will disagree, and I understand that.

KU Boobs also has their own basketball-boob montage:

Other fruit sure to fall from this tree of tits, and from the popularity of @KUboobs and its resulting publicity, is the undoubtedly ensuing trend that will soon follow. I’m assuming other university boob accounts are being conceived all over the country. Thank you, #KUBoobs. Thank you.

So, everyone, give @KUboobs a follow.

I took the liberty of sorting through and choosing some of my favorite KU Boobs. You’ll find them here:

[via Outkick the Coverage, @KUboobs]

Images via @KUboobs



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