KU Student Sues Sig Ep After Getting Drunk And Having His Head Rammed Into Concrete

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Nice Move

Language in the article from The Kansas City Star implies the student is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, although I can’t say for certain that he is. Regardless of his relationship with the chapter, it’s safe to say the two sides will be parting ways after this mess is sorted out.

Allegedly, KU student Andrew Charles Johnson, 20, got a little too drunk at a Sig Ep party in 2011 — so drunk, in fact, that someone decided to interrupt his slumber, put him in a headlock, and ram his head into a concrete wall WWE-style.

Turns out the scuffle was a pretty serious one, though, causing a plethora of long term effects like the loss of his sense of smell and other cognitive deficiencies. Johnson is now targeting the fraternity, claiming they served him alcohol as a minor, leading to the concrete wall incident.

Johnson claims he and other other underage fraternity members were provided unlimited access to alcohol and encouraged to drink during a 2011 party. According to Johnson, later that night another student rammed Johnson’s head into a concrete wall, causing a “massive closed head injury.”

That sounds like every party I ever attended in college, minus the wall and head trauma part.

The fact that he is filing a lawsuit against the fraternity for serving him instead of the guy who violently and egregiously assaulted him (unless this was left out of the report) is a little odd to say the least.

It sounds to me like ole Andrew Chuck got too drunk and pissed off the wrong hombre. I’m no lawyer, but that hombre sounds like the responsible party in this case.

[via The Kansas City Star]

Image via KU Sig Ep



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