KU Students Break Into Football Stadium, Tear Down Goal Posts To Celebrate The Royals’ World Series Win

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Nice Move

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After another atrocious 62-7 Kansas home loss to OU this weekend, KU students, who are resigned to the fact that they will never witness any semblance of a competent football team, found a reason to tear down their goal posts as a practice of celebration instead of shame: a Kansas City Royals’ World Series win.

Kansas City, which is only 45 minutes due east of Lawrence, provided KU students with their first and likely only moment of athletic pride for the fall semester (pre-basketball tip-off), and they took advantage of it.

From USA Today:

Several University of Kansas students had a problem: Their beloved Royals had just won the World Series, but how could they properly celebrate the victory?

A firm handshake and pat on the back from a dear friend was considered, then dismissed for lacking ambition. Perhaps rent a plane and write a note in the sky? one of the students wondered, before the group came to the realization that it was night, and thus the gesture, grandiose and beautiful as it was, would be tough to see.

Then, like a lightning bolt, an idea came to them:

In response to this act of jubilant vandalism, the KU administration was probably all for leaving the goal posts down and abandoning the stadium entirely until it was condemned by the fire marshal and demolished. Have you guys seen KU’s football stadium, by the way? It’s a disgrace to college athletics. Most high school teams in Texas play in better-kept venues — and at least fans show up to those games.

Congrats on your big victory, Kansans (and, I guess, Missourians). Basketball season can’t get here soon enough, I’m sure.

[via USA Today]

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