Lane Kiffin Destroys USC On And Off The Field

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Nice Move

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Lamenting their third consecutive conference loss, the 2013 USC Trojans prepared to board their charter flight back to LA. A team that began the 2012 season as the favorite for their first national championship since Pete Carroll, had gone just 12-9 in the 21 games that followed, leaving the once thriving program and young coaching staff teetering on the brink of irrelevancy.

And then it happened. Lane Kiffin, the one time golden boy offensive coordinator of the Leinart/Bush era of unrivaled offensive success, was pulled into an airport meeting room and informed by Athletic Director Pat Hayden that he would not be allowed on the team’s plane that evening, as his contract had been terminated. At 3:14 a.m. Kiffin found himself unemployed, stranded on an airstrip in Tempe, his once promising stint with his “dream job” USC prematurely extinguished.

How quickly things change.

Last night, Kiffin, in his third season as architect of Alabama’s offense, orchestrated a magnum opus of point scoring proficiency, leading three wholly unproven Crimson Tide quarterbacks to nearly 500 total yards of offensive, and the worst loss for the shell shocked Trojans in the last half century.

Kiffin, who’s first two years in Tuscaloosa have produced a national championship and the best offensive production in the storied history of the program, couldn’t help himself on Twitter after receiving the game ball from the rest of the Tide players and staff:

Good for you, Kiff. Now will somebody please give Joey Freshwater another shot to be a head coach? Here’s looking at you, Purdue.

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