Lanky Miami Fan Is A Punching Tornado, Wreaks Havoc On Every FSU Fan In His Path

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Nice Move

Little to no context for the video itself, but it just wouldn’t be a Miami-Florida State tailgate without a few dudes in basketball shorts throwing haymakers for no particular reason.

Hey tropical swimsuit, maybe don’t put your boy in a headlock and serve up his jaw on a silver platter. Unless, of course, you were just looking out for number one and using him as a human shield. Now 5’s still Mortal Kombat fatality dancing his way out of frame and you’re unscathed and unharmed. Both a savvy and dick play, but you really tested your luck patting that lanky whirlwind of fisticuffs on the back. How you didn’t get popped is sneakily the biggest accomplishment in the entire clip.

Also what role did the dunk tank play in this whole ordeal? So many questions left unanswered.

Image via Twitter


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