It’s Not Football Season Until An Alabama Fan Makes An Embarrassing Video

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Nice Move

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Yesterday I came across something so majestic, so beautiful, and so Alabama. I am talking about “lawtide,” who is a big time Crimson Tide fan who has been posting videos on YouTube for quite some time now.

Check out this video he made a few weeks ago calling out USC.

YOU CHUMPS ARE FIXIN TO FIND OUT WHAT ALABAMA IS ALL ABOUT! Goddamn this guy is awesome. Did he just end that with a one love? He may not speak “too good,” but damn does he have some team spirit. He’s talking about Alabama fans raging in the stockyards, because 7th street is too fancy for those country boys. He even says fans are going to be up on the stripper poles at Jerry World, which, if he’s talking about the Alpha Phi girls, that’ll be quite a show.

Because one USC hate video wasn’t enough, he went and uploaded a second one because USC fans weren’t chirping hard enough.

The Sweet Home Alabama/Country Grammar mix really sets the tone here. Love it. The great thing about this guy is that when I think of an Alabama fan, I think of this type of guy. Just a big, obnoxious, redneck whose life is nothing but Alabama football. Give a Bama fan a green screen and a video camera and they will create art.

There’s no way these USC chumps have a shot with a guy like lawtide in the crowd. Harvey Updyke is old news. Lawtide is in.


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