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Nice Move

Some guys are just natural born winners at Rush Week. These Bid Card Man-Gods really know how to go that extra mile to lock up 5-star bids, unlike the rest of us whose bread and butter consists of half-heartedly asking hard-hitting questions such as “What dorm do you live in?” and “Did you play sports in high school?” I guess that’s what separates the men from the boys.

Prime example? Owls at Penn, an underground fraternity is really amping up the recruitment hype meter. These champions are plain sick and tired of getting their faces dragged through the mud by fellow underground fraternity “Apes,” and dammit, they’re going to start making some bold changes.



Say what you want about the lowly Owls, but they play for Rush Week keeps and pull out all the stops. You have to respect their Herm Edwards-esque “you play to win the game” attitude.





So, gentlemen, let’s all raise our glasses for a toast to the Owls, Theos, OZ, and Apes at Penn, the manliest fake fraternities in the world.

[via Under The Button]



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