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    Community College

    PVCC in Virginia is FaF. I went there for my freshman year, but my brothers in the Hall still let me pledge. I’ll be going to UVA in the fall. But let me tell you, Southern community colleges like Piedmont are full of future fratstars.

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    The Naval Academy. Probably the only school where sailing is taught to every student and hazing plebes is encouraged and supported by the school. The alumni are awesome, the local town is amazing and even if you aren’t from money you will still be set up for life. There is no greek life here but each company is essentially its own fraternity. Also, we drink a lot–when your only liberty is on weekends, you make the most of it.

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    tr said:

    BROnonia_Docet said:

    46 BRO Lawn said:

    BROnonia_Docet said:

    46 BRO Lawn said:

    Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly Missouri-Rolla). It’s a small engineering school, but our Greek system is pretty big and the town is small so there is nothing to do but drink. And we drink a lot. Parties are fun, houses are big. Alumni are rich.

    Rolla boys know how to rage

    Where are you from brother? A-B.

    And to Confrateracy: they go to an 80% all male school which means they drink extra hard because they have to. And yeah, while the guy:girl ratio might suck, pretty sure every good girl would marry an engineer in a heart-beat. Sorry they’ll probably make more money than you.

    Every good girl would marry an engineer in a heartbeat? Sorry, but no. The main girls I’ve known who purposely date engineers are the wannabe gold diggers who are just too fat and busted to get with med students. If an engineer gets a decent, cute girl, it’s because he’s an awesome guy, not because he’ll be making any money.

    that’s funny, because most of the guys on this site probably aren’t “awesome guys” yet we still get “decent, cute girls”. Explain that.

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    UNC Charlotte

    True it’s no UNC or Wake Forest, but lets be serious Charlotte is in the heart of North Carolina and you could go on for days about how FaF Charlotte is. Who gives a shit that campus is kinda strict and all the fraternities moved off campus around the University area and Concord, NC area (The Avett Brothers). But whether its Lowes Motor Speedway to downtown Charlotte to Lake Norman the drinking is always good and the women are gorgeous. We’re getting football in 2013 (what a joke), but strategically USC is easily accessible. UNC Charlotte is an opulent school that has grown tremendously within the past few years and has major plans in place to continue its growth and success. True it’s classified as a commuter school where the students go back home every weekends, but greek life doesn’t go home on the weekends, we stay and rage in Charlotte.

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    Ball State University. School is filled with mostly liberal hippies, but back in the day was known to rage rather hard. It’s about an hour northeast of Indianapolis, and 5 hours away from anything interesting. Greek life is sub-par, but if you want to have a good time you’ll go Greek. My freshman year (’08) no one was considered “frat” or even knew what a TFM was. But I can tell you now that there are more douche bag posers on this campus more than over due to this site. Guys who normally would wear Affliction t-shirts and cargos with sandals, are now wearing Oxfords, loafers and khaki shorts. It’s a phase, they’ll grow out of it once they realize that journalism degree will still get them nowhere in life.

    That being said and the fashion critique out of the way, the parties are always good and never dull. If there is nice weather its always considered day-drinking time. Due to the unusual weather this spring, i’ve been hammered drunk at most of my classes since the beginning of March.

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    billy fratison

    BroandKAO said:

    Jacque Minot said:

    WashJeff in Pennsylvania. Its in the geedest city in the world, but with the exception of the obligatory scholarship kids and exchange students, everyone is FaF. The dining service recently added a midnight buffet specifically to support the raging. Rage on Presidents! Whichi Coax!

    Def agree!

    Dont say def

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