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    The Naval Academy. Probably the only school where sailing is taught to every student and hazing plebes is encouraged and supported by the school. The alumni are awesome, the local town is amazing and even if you aren’t from money you will still be set up for life. There is no greek life here but each company is essentially its own fraternity. Also, we drink a lot–when your only liberty is on weekends, you make the most of it.

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    The Piker

    RedRedRose said:

    Grand Valley State University, Michigan! We have ASA, AOII, AST, PhiSig, Gamma Phi Beta, SK, DZ, and Phi Mu, along with DeltSig, SigEp, ATO, Sigma Pi, Theta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Alph Sig, DTD and DU. We pretty much run campus, if you’re not greek here you don’t exist, and you definitely do not know how to party. We’re growing rapidly too, with fraternities and sororities being added almost every semester.

    If you are not greek, you do not exist? Everyone who would apply to that school is a fucking geed.

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    US said:

    gsimp83 said:

    I FRAT WAC said:

    Washington College: A small liberal arts college on the Eastern shore of Maryland where the rich and not so famous send their children to get a good education while learning life lessons of booze and sex. Particular known for its May Day (May 1st) festivities when the campus strips their cloths and reports to the College green and flag pole for a midnight congregation of the nude.Washington college where smart kids go to drink and screw four years away.

    Fuck WAC. Salisbury rages harder than WAC ever could. War on the Shore champs…on and off the field.

    ….No. Go spend all that money you save from that hefty 5k tuition on cargo shorts, quicksilver tanks, and oakleys. Not that your student body needs any more of those.

    You are a liberal arts school, enough said.

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    The Piker

    Fratie_light said:

    The Piker said:

    zerohdcp said:

    The Piker said:

    zerohdcp said:

    Natty Broh said:

    Fratie_light said:

    zerohdcp said:

    Salisbury Kappa SigKnown for our jello wrestling extravaganzas that put us on probation while we were a colony.

    ohhhh salisbury

    Salisbury. Known for their dumber than dogshit student body who couldn’t get into better Maryland schools… and STD’s.

    Oh thats right because people who rejected from us get into West Virginia and East Carolina, and Maryland accepts more and dumber kids, just the dumber kids cant get in to the programs they want to. Salisbury is easily top 5 maryland schools. Hopkins, Loyola, MD, Salisbury

    Mt. St Mary’s, Hopkins, UMD, Naval Academy, Washington, Loyola, hell even Towson, come before Salisbury.

    Actually Towson is ranked lower than Salisbury, Washington is liberal arts so that might as well be last, and Mt. St Marys has no greek life. So have fun with you bottom tier fraternity, bottom tier lifestyle, and bottom tier household income.

    Dumbass, I go to an SEC school.

    so why are you even opening your mouth to a md school conversation?

    Because I know the area well, being from that region (in PA), and owning a house in coastal maryland as well.

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    46 BRO Lawn

    Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly Missouri-Rolla). It’s a small engineering school, but our Greek system is pretty big and the town is small so there is nothing to do but drink. And we drink a lot. Parties are fun, houses are big. Alumni are rich.

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