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    Community College

    PVCC in Virginia is FaF. I went there for my freshman year, but my brothers in the Hall still let me pledge. I’ll be going to UVA in the fall. But let me tell you, Southern community colleges like Piedmont are full of future fratstars.

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    EY LamBro Chi

    University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. We may be small as hell but we are a private, D1 (We beat Notre Dame in football this year, which is pretty damn good for a school as small as ours), wet campus that likes to party. 5 fraternities and 6 sororities, I know we’re at least above 25% greek. We may be small, but we like to frat hard.

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    bro johnston

    Fratie_light said:

    gsimp83 said:

    I FRAT WAC said:

    Washington College: A small liberal arts college on the Eastern shore of Maryland where the rich and not so famous send their children to get a good education while learning life lessons of booze and sex. Particular known for its May Day (May 1st) festivities when the campus strips their cloths and reports to the College green and flag pole for a midnight congregation of the nude.
    Washington college where smart kids go to drink and screw four years away.

    Fuck WAC. Salisbury rages harder than WAC ever could. War on the Shore champs…on and off the field.

    frostburg rages harder than salisbury.

    Maryland is the anti-frat. went to high school there and got the fuck out ass soon as I graduated along with the other respectable members in my class. Its unfortunate because Maryland has the whole sailing thing going for it and Annapolis, but its hard to frat when half the population lives in poverty and graphic tees.

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    The Piker said:

    1901_2011 said:

    Patriot League is about as frat as you’re going to come across in the northeast. It’s all the northeast kids that went to prep schools but didn’t quite make it into the Ivy League. The $53,000+ cost of attendance scares most away.

    They give ridiculous financial packages. I live near Lehigh (in Easton), and my friend, who doesn’t have much money, goes there on a full financial package, not an academic scholarship. Basically, he has to keep a certain GPA and he doesn’t have to pay back like 80% of the loans or something like that. They are, I guess, as fratty as the northeast can be, but are still not fratty. Cool guys though, for the most part, not stuck up, and better in sports than the Ivy.

    You are right. The financial aid is very good. But many poor/middle class prospective students are shocked by the sticker price and do not bother to apply.

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    46 BRO Lawn

    SouthernRad said:

    46 BRO Lawn said:

    Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly Missouri-Rolla). It’s a small engineering school, but our Greek system is pretty big and the town is small so there is nothing to do but drink. And we drink a lot. Parties are fun, houses are big. Alumni are rich.

    My only experience is with Pike there…super geed.

    Yes. Pikes there suck. We have a song for them called PSDABFM. “Pikes Suck Dick And Butt-Fuck Men”

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