Let It Fuckin’ Rip With Our Limited Edition Tee And Rope Hat

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Nice Move

You’re naïve if you don’t think this speech that Texas Longhorns superfan Matthew McConaughey gave the Horns ahead of this past Sunday’s clash with Notre Dame is what propelled UT both to a glorious victory and back into national prominence.

Jesus H. Christ, man. I previously predicted that the Longhorns were going to get 9 wins this season (two times, actually), but now I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrapped together 10, 11… Hell, they might even run the table — all thanks to those four soon-to-be-legendary words: Let it fuckin’ rip.

let it rip tfm tee

Get your limited edition tee here:


And get your limited edition rope hat here:

Let it fuckin’ rip.


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