Let’s Check In On Paulina Gretzky’s Ass

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Nice Move

It’s been a while since we’ve graced you guys with the greatness of Paulina Gretzky and her phenomenal ass. She decided to show us all how it was doing on Sunday. Let’s get that update and catch up.

Yep. Still going strong. Nice touch with the PJ float. The swan float is overrated. Too many ugly girls have gotten onto that trend and it’s ruined it for me. The PJ needs to be exclusive to hot girls only, and Paulina is the epitome of hot girl.

This got me thinking. If you could trade lives with any golfer in the world right now, who would you choose? Some might say Spieth. Some might say Jason Day. Some might even say Daniel Berger for his hot ass girlfriend. Me? I’m picking DJ. Probably picking him if he didn’t win the US Open, too. He’s finished in the top 10 in 13 of the 31 majors he’s played in. He can drive the ball a mile. AND he goes home to this every night….

Yeah. Anyone who doesn’t pick trading lives with Dustin is a damn fool.


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