“Let’s Get High And Fuck” – Pi Kappa Phi Posing Seductively On Rock In Craigslist Ad

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Nice Move

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Okay, so the title of his Craigslist ad is actually “Lets get high and hookup,” but let’s call it what it is. This psycho doper is looking for some weird sex. Anyone who takes a photo posing seductively on a rock while keeping his identity concealed is into some weird ass shit. That’s actually in the weird sex manual. Think about all the normal sex-havers you know. Would any of them pose on a rock like this to procure a sexual partner? Even one? Nope. Rock posers are weird fuckers (in the literal sense), every time. Guy’s a total freak.

This 22-year-old Western Michigan student–who describes himself as “cute” and “young”–just wants a young lady to join him in a kinky, high sex sesh, and it’s all good because it’ll be “nsa.” I’m not hip on Craigslist shorthand so I had to look this up. Apparently, it stands for “no strings attached.” Just show up, smoke pot, have sex, then leave. The rock may or may not come into play.

From Craigslist:

Lets get high and hookup, I host. – m4w – 22 (wmu)

Cute young college student looking for a cute sane girl to come over and smoke with me then have some nsa fun. I will provide all of the weed. Let me know if anyone is interested. Reply with a pic and i will do the same. Leave a number for quicker response.


I just hope he set up his camera on a tripod, making this a solo photo shoot. If not, if someone assisted him here and took this photo for him, guess who the worst friend in the world is–bingo, the sick fuck who allows his creepy friend to pose seductively on rocks so he can post a weird ass ad on Craigslist.

[via Craigslist]


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