Lil Dicky Gets “Absurdly High,” Live Broadcasts It To The World

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Nice Move

Lil Dicky is by no means shy about his marijuana usage. I mean, he literally stopped the music in the middle of his concert on the TFM spring break cruise to ask, “does anybody out there have a J?” and then didn’t continue on with the concert until somebody came through and brought one up to the stage, where he then proceeded to smoke it in front of hundreds of cheering fans. Power moves only.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that “Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis” used Facebook Live early this morning to live broadcast himself as he was “one of the highest (he’s) ever been.”

Literally too high right now

Posted by Lil Dicky on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He probably has as much recollection of live broadcasting this as he does of taking this photo with me on the cruise.


We all hope you don’t have ALS, L.D.

[via Lil Dicky/Facebook]

Image via Lil Dicky/Facebook


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