Lion Mauls And Kills Trainer, Because Lions Maul And Kill

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Nice Move

So here’s a video of a male lion attacking and mauling a tamer in a zoo in Egypt. It’s not a graphic video or anything, but the dude eventually dies. All the way dead. So if you’re not into watching videos of a lion attacking a person who eventually dies, you might not want to hit play.

I know I’m not alone in thinking this isn’t all that sad. Right? It would be much sadder to watch a lion take down a golden retriever, for example, wouldn’t it? That dog doesn’t deserve to go down like that. All innocent and cute and whatnot. But you, a person, pluck a ferocious predator out of its natural environment and keep him caged for the rest of its life for amusement purposes, you kind of have it coming, don’t you? I’m not saying you deserve to get eaten by a lion, but you sort of deserve to get eaten by a lion.

Like these lions were born to run down gazelle in the open plains and gut them with their sharp teeth and claws. Little lion cubs know how to hunt and kill prey by like six weeks old or some shit. It’s in their blood. Just absolute killing machines.

All I’m saying is if you’re going to get inside a cage with an animal like that, don’t be surprised when it comes for your throat. RIP, though.


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