Little Kid In Blazer Wanted Nothing To Do With Meeting President Obama

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Nice Move

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When President Obama met with a departing Secret Service agent and his dime of a wife, their son was simply not having it. Looking presidentially dapper–in a blazer, khakis, and boat shoes–he found himself in a situation I’m no stranger to: face down on a couch.

Whatever your politics are, meeting the president is a pretty big honor, but this kid couldn’t be bothered by partisan talks or social pleasantries. Reports that he had a sucker in and shotgunned a few bottles on the White House lawn before stepping into the Oval Office have been unsubstantiated. Whatever the ensuing investigation reveals, it’s clear that some people just can’t handle their milk.

Oh, and for the love of God, be nice to Dorn, you monsters. Comments such as, “kids face down on couches are Dorn’s specialty” are pretty messed up.

Image via Lawrence Jackson/White House Photographer


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