Looks Like ‘Deadpool’ Will Be The Gory, Foul-Mouthed, R-Rated Superhero Movie We Deserve

Superhero movies always shy away from being as truly awesome as they could. Even the badass superheroes like Wolverine will rip people apart, only to have his hand-blades completely void of blood and intestines post-massacre.

The trailer for Deadpool proves the movie will set itself apart by giving the people what they want, nay, deserve: Blood, gore, and raunchy, clever one-liners. Ryan Reynolds, a tried and true typecast for the role of smartass, fits the part marvelously. It's also written by the duo behind the Zombieland screenplay, which blended violence and dry wit seamlessly.

Note the sequence at 1:48. Did I just see Deadpool decapitate someone, then, in the same motion, hurl that decapitated head at another bad guy, cranking him in the face? February couldn't come sooner.

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