Louisiana Tech Passes On First Bowl Bid, Second One Never Comes

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Nice Move

How’s that saying go about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush? This is the kind of situation that saying is referring to. And how’s that other saying go about how if you’re Louisiana Tech and a bowl game invites you to participate, you should accept, because you’re Louisiana Tech?

Look, I’m not trying to hate on the Bulldogs here. They had a damn fine season (9-3 record, #1 scoring offense in nation at 51.5 ppg). It’s just that they really overplayed their hand. When you’re not the caliber of football program that can draw a crowd and get America to tune in to watch you play, you’re a settler. You settle. It sucks, but it’s the reality of the dollar-driven enterprise known as NCAA football. It’s like if you’re a 4, and a 4 of the opposite sex, or even a 3 or 5, starts grinding with you on the dance floor. You lock that shit down. The 7 you’ve been eyeing wants nothing to do with your ugly ass.

Louisiana Tech passed on an invitation to play in the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl against their rival, Louisiana-Monroe.

Athletic director Bruce Van De Velde told The Associated Press that Independence Bowl organizers offered a spot in their game on Saturday afternoon, but the Bulldogs had other possible options still available to them. Van De Velde said he asked the Independence Bowl for more time to make a decision, but was told by game organizers that they could not wait.

“Nobody turned a bowl bid down,” he said. “We asked for more time to vet two other opportunities that we had that we felt good about.”

Independence Bowl chairman Jack Andres said organizers had to set a deadline for Louisiana Tech. They were concerned if they waited they would be stuck with a team that was barely bowl eligible and too far away from Shreveport to bring many fans to the game.

“We had to make some decisions to get somebody in there. We’ve got sponsors, hotels. There’s a lot of money riding on this,” he said.

A second offer never came. Louisiana Tech will not play in a bowl game. The players, alumni, students, and coaches all got jobbed. Head coach Sonny Dykes was shocked.

“Under no circumstances did I ever think there was any possibility at all that we would not play in a bowl game,” coach Sonny Dykes said in a statement. “It is a shame that our nationally recognized team and its 31 seniors have to end the season this way.”

Coach Dykes has a Twitter account, too.

Indeed, this is a shame. Esteemed alumnus and NBA Hall-of-Famer, Karl Malone, wasn’t too pleased with the development either. The Mailman has a solution, though. He should take over as La. Tech’s athletic director.

He’s 6’9″, guys. He could run the shit out of that program.

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  1. -6
    General frATOn

    As a Tech alum, this is some serious bullshit. Having a decent (i.e. not enough to call “good”) team isn’t really that often. And getting shafted in lieu of better teams (Derek Dooley leaving after 1 season) is par for the course. So naturally, when the option to play a great team in a bowl in my hometown popped up, I was elated. But nope. Shot down.
    Fuck the AD. Fuck him with a stick.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago