LSU And Les Miles Get In On The Harlem Shake Craze A Little Late, Still Kill It

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Nice Move

It had been a few weeks since a Harlem Shake video caught my eye, but man did Les Miles and LSU have my full attention after this bad boy hit the web Monday.

Before the infamous “and do the Harlem Shake” beat drop, Coach Miles shows off his best wedding dance moves while the rest of the Bayou Bengals had a fake fight in the background in what is a pretty damn hilarious take on the now fading internet phenomenon. The LSU version has already gone viral and parodies are coming out of the woodwork. My favorite? Well, it’d have to be the Les Miles version of “Epic Sax Guy.”

GIFs aplenty in this one, sports fans. In the end, I had a good laugh, but then I cried after realizing that we’re still a good six months from college football season.

Image via The Buckeye Times



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