LSU Fans Are Already Drinking All The Alcohol Before Tomorrow’s Game Against Wisconsin

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Nice Move


Wisconsin is the number one party school in America. LSU has one of the best tailgates in America. Wisconsin plays LSU at Lambeau Field tomorrow. Combining the two should have explosive results. LSU has already started drinking early and often, and they even depleted a plane’s alcohol supply on the flight to Milwaukee.

LSU fans are notorious for drinking towns dry. In fact, just last season Syracuse was legitimately worried they’d run out of booze. It also sounds like the LSU fans didn’t stop drinking once they got off the plane, either.

The football game isn’t a big clash of the titans. The real matchup will be at the tailgate and at the bars. Wisconsin’s drinking prowess versus the rowdy Cajuns from Baton rouge. Should be one hell of a matchup. Let’s just hope there’s enough booze to go around.

God speed to all the Uber drivers out there.


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