LSU Football Celebrates Silver Medal

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Nice Move

LSU football had a hell of a year. They enjoyed an undefeated regular season and won the SEC outright. This success is plenty to be proud of, and they are achievements any football program in the country would boast about. And shit, reaching the natty is an achievement of its own. However, this is not the kind of program that needs to be celebrating just showing up to the big dance, especially when your arch rival steals your date and has his way with her, unwillingly, on the dance floor. We’re talking wandering hands, violent thrusts, and everything in between as you sit there and watch helplessly. That’s exactly what they did, though.

After Alabama pitched a shutout against the Bayou Bengals in the national title game in January, LSU ended up at number two in the polls. That’s alright. At least they have that SEC Championship trophy back in Baton Rouge and SEC rings they get to use to pick up random trim at the bars. That’s not what the rings showed, however. “#2 Nationally” appears on the side of the rings handed out to the team.

I would have pushed for something along the lines of “SEC Champions,” and only that, you know something to be worn proudly. The LSU program is not second rate, but this move sure as shit was. You’re simply better than that.


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