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    This my personal take on this particular Fraternity/Sorority. I will go by the HPICF of “GreekRank,” —Except 1 to 10— and then also back it up with my personal evidence/experience. Everything I say is not 100% concrete, but rather my opinion on what I know, have seen, and at times heard. If I say good or bad things it is because that is what I have been exposed to and not because I intend to smear nor show favoritism to any house. I will probably receive a lot of hate and a lot of praise from others over the reviews of the Fraternities/Sororities I plan to submit, that is expected. I am not one to care what anyone else thinks because this is my personal opinion.

    Chi Omega: “Hotness” – I’m gonna have to go with a 6.5 average, tops. There are some pretty cute girls in Chi-O, however, this is just an average. I have seen some beautiful/gorgeous ladies, but at the same time I have seen some decent and some down-right unfortunate looking girls in this sorority. “Popularity” – I feel like there is a mindset of girls going into freshman year that Chi-O is outright amazing and that they have to be a part of them. Yes, Chi-O is very popular pre-rush and during rush. So in that respect, they deserve an 8. However, I have heard and seen for myself that Chi-O really is not all that popular. I have friends that would have died to be given a bid from Chi-O pre and during rush. Not all of them were invited back or chose to go back, and needless to say, the ones denied were crushed. Despite this, the weeks went on and those same girls were thanking God that they didn’t join/receive a bid from Chi-O because of all the things they heard that went on in Chi-O. All the cattiness, lack of sisterhood, lack of involvement, and serious lack of interest from the Fraternities (with the exception of Sig-Ep). As I just said, not many of my brothers and other men in other Chapters really like Chi-O. So overall popularity, 5. “Involvement” – When it comes to a competition such as the step-show or songfest, Chi-O is all over it. When it comes to participating in other houses’ philanthropies and such, I can never find any of them. Not sure about their involvement on campus, student government, GBOD, and etc., but I would not be surprised to hear that there weren’t too many out there. So for involvement, 4. “Classiness”, the one thing EVERY Sorority claims to have the most of. Now a common argument is, “[Sorority's actives such and such] get hammered and slut it up at the bars. Way to keep it classy, [derogatory nickname of said Sorority]!” The counter argument is always, “Don’t judge an entire Chapter based on a few individuals, skank!” Yeah, real classy ladies… Regardless, “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” In this world, that is the truth and guess what? The truth hurts. I can honestly say that I have not met one Chi-O that I like. Not one. And I know many of my brothers as well as men in other chapters that would agree (which is partly why their “Popularity” is down). My chapter has even had a Chi-O blackballed from any and all Fraternity events due to a certain tailgate event that included stealing alcohol, belligerently crying to actives, and shouting expletives. And yes, there are indeed plenty of girls that behave ridiculously outside of the Chi-O walls. And in the same way, there are some really great girls that are extremely sweet, but that is a rarity. Classiness of Chi-O, 4. “Fun” – I’m sorry, but Chi-O, you are no fun. Plain and simple. You receive a 3 in fun.

    Overall assessment: A good portion of Chi-Os are cute. Popularity is sky-high before rush and not so much afterwards. Involvement is very stingy. Classiness, it is somewhere under all the filth. The chance of having fun with these girls is pretty slim.

    Final Thoughts: Try being a bit more outgoing and polite. Quit fake smiling, learn not to be so judgmental, and get rid of the “holier than thou” attitude. Stop making excuses for your Chapter saying that “select girls don’t represent the entirety of the house.” The fact is, yes they do. A team, in this case “Sisterhood” (or lack thereof), is only as strong as its weakest link. If one of my brothers is not acting right, I tell him to get with the program and start living up to the higher standards we set for ourselves. Stop accepting poor quality girls that have money/good grades, hold each other accountable, and branch out to girls that are well rounded. Learn to let loose and have some fun once in a while. No one will judge, at least, that is what everyone will say. Don’t get me wrong, Chi-O really is strong nationally. They do really well in academics, and do raise plenty of money with their philanthropy and in participating in Greek Week and Homecoming. There are some great girls in Chi-O, no doubt about it. However, the reputation of “almighty” Chi-O has begun to and has been falling far from the tree.

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    Big Lake said:

    Although I think the corn dog thing is hilarious,I have never seen a corndog at any LSU tailgate ever. LSU greek life is awesome unlike alot of other schools you can throw ragers in the houses and they get trashed. The school takes every opportunity to fuck the greek system even though greek alumni account for over 90% of the donations to the school.

    Best sororities are KD, DDD, Kappa, and Phi Mu (I would put Chi O but their last pledge class was god awfulBest Fraternities are KA, Sigmachi, Kappa Sig (possibly Lambda Chi and if they were a real fraternity maybe sig ep)

    The corndog thing comes from all the fried food being cooked on gameday making it smell like a corndog. Your top tiers are spot on though.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago

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