LSU Is Getting Their Own Beer Just In Time For Football Season

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Nice Move


If there is one thing we know about LSU and their fans, it’s that they really love to drink. They even warned Syracuse last season that they were coming to drink their town dry. So it should come as no surprise that the school is getting their own officially licensed beer soon.

From Beer Pulse:

Tin Roof Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of an officially licensed beer of Louisiana State University that will be available just in time to kick off the 2016 football season.

“We’re really excited about this beer,” William McGehee, co-founder of Tin Roof Brewing Company said. “We want to make a beer that the LSU community can not only be proud of but also be a part of.”

Tin Roof is taking the whole LSU connection to an even higher level, as well. Students who are in the Food Sciences department and those in the Manship School of Mass Communication are being offered internships to learn about the ins and outs of working in a brewery and the public relations side of it.

You have to believe this beer is going to be just like the football team: a whole lot of buildup during the pre-season, followed by some small success against opponents no one cares about, and then highly disappointed with the consumers that matter.

[via Beer Pulse]


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