VIDEO: Finals Stress Boils Over In LSU Library Brawl

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Nice Move

Finals Stress Boils Over Into Brawl In The LSU Library

Finals are a stressful time across college campuses nationwide. Naturally, tempers can flare when you’re wound up tighter than a coil spring. Some people like to let off their steam by getting hammered drunk. Some like to partake in some coitus. Some even like to haze the shit outta their pledges. And some like to fight.

When things got heated at LSU’s Middleton Library, someone turned on their phone and filmed it for our entertainment.

The girl in white is lucky someone stepped in and broke up the fight because she was about to get her shit pounded in. Pink was just landing haymakers and had total control. It’s a shame we live in a world where people break it up and we can’t just fight to the death on school grounds anymore.

Bet that made for an awkward night. Girls had to sleep with one eye open.


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