LSU’s Pi Kappa Phi Paid For Their Neighbor’s Cook’s Son To Go To Europe

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Nice Move

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Although, as a chapter, we naturally bond with our own members, every chapter has an employee or neighbor in which their daily interactions help to develop a meaningful friendship, one that most people likely never expected. LSU’s Pi Kappa Phi seems to have done just that with one of the house cook’s from their neighbor, Chi Omega.

LaTrece Antoinette isn’t an employee of the chapter. In fact, she doesn’t even directly work with the chapter. She works for the sorority next door, but her frequent visits have helped her become close to the brothers of Pi Kapp. LaTrece had been saving tirelessly in order to send her son to Europe with his class, something that had obviously been shared with the fraternity at some point. Being that it’s the Christmas season, the guys saw this as a great opportunity to help a lady who gives them and their neighbors so much. So they called her over one night and presented her with a $3,000 check, enough to send her son, Christopher, to Europe.

The LSU Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi presented Ms. LaTrece with a check that will cover the amount of money she needs to send her son, Christopher, to Europe with his class. Ms. LaTrece is a hard working mother who is a chef at the Chi Omega sorority house located next to Pi Kappa Phi. Ms. LaTrece has been working tirelessly to raise money to send Christopher to Europe with his class and we could not pass up the opportunity to help a mother who helps so many in the greek community by bringing joy to her sorority house daily.

Posted by LSU Pi Kappa Phi on Monday, November 30, 2015

Ms. LaTrece posted a heartwarming message to the chapter on Facebook after the video above was shared.

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That’s a job well done, boys. That feeling of knowing that you severely impacted a good friend’s life in such a meaningful way is one I’m sure many of them won’t forget any time soon. Good on you, Pi Kapp.


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